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how we love
by Annette Brook

18th - 23rd February, 2020
Cage, VAULT Festival

Gay investigative journalist Babatunde ‘Babs’ Okonkwo has come to visit his lesbian best friend Regina ‘Regi’ Abengowe in Lewisham, south London. With mounting pressures back in Nigeria, where homosexuality is illegal and escalating dangers for their partners, Babs and Regi hatch a plan to get married. They hope this ‘cover’ will stop the threatening rumours and allow Babs to safely expose the inhumane treatment of LGBTQIA+ people in Nigeria, especially in the north where being gay is publishable by death.

Between Waitrose shifts, Regi's undergraduate degree, and snippets of news from back home, Regi and Babs put their friendship to the test. With the help of Regi’s 89-year-old German Jewish neighbour and the ‘Mr & Mrs’ Board Game.

But the storms are gathering in Nigeria. As the wedding approaches, Regi and Babs must choose what they care about the most.

how we love is a new play about different types of love.

★★★★ The Reviews Hub - "Annette Brook’s writing offers chinks of light in unexpected places."
★★★★ FringeGuru - “A well-constructed and emotive show."

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