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The AirLock-in is for actors, dancers, musicians, puppeteers and other creatives who are interested in collaborative devising. Participants are put into groups and given stimuli to draw inspiration from, with support from the AIRLOCK team. They then have a few hours to create performance pieces (with a focus on immersive, game-based theatre) to share with each other and the public by the end of the day. It’s a quick-paced, playful, open environment for collaboration, where creatives can work with new artists in different ways.

Previous AirLock-ins have resulted in incredible immersive, cross-disciplinary pieces incorporating a range of styles and themes. They have been run at Theatre Deli and the Bunker.

Creatives whose work isn't based in performance are also encouraged to get on board and respond to the stumuli in their own way.


AirLock-in at the Bunker Theatre

September, 2018

At this AirLock-in, creatives developed performance pieces to perform at the Bunker by the end of the day. It centred around some elements of ERIS by John King, which AIRLOCK was currently performing at the time, and tickets to see the matinee performance were included in the event.

Previous AirLock-ins

AirLock-in 3 - Artwork by Freddie Cooke
AirLock-in 3 - Puppet
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